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"Naked Mystery" Journey

My dear music family! I’ve been working and thinking, laughing and crying, mixing, editing, singing and playing.. Finally this is the day when I am celebrating.. I’m more than happy to show you my beautiful art baby - “Naked Mystery”. I want to share with you the story of creating this song, my thoughts and feelings during the process and after it. So let’s get this party started!!

About three years ago my friend Ema and I decided to use our creativity and write a movie script. We had an amazing idea, we were really working thoroughly, thinking about every detail of it and what kind of other stuff we might need, for example - music. Both of us were musician so we didn’t even have any doubts that we were gonna write music for it. Even though at that time we didn’t have all the script, but there were some scenes that we knew music is a must and one of them was a passionate love scene that I had to star in. This is where we understood that for this scene we needed a really deeply passionate love song.

I’ve always had a lot of passionate energy, but I’ve always tried to hide that inside me, because I was afraid that I’d be judged. People and especially men would look at me in a particular way and even that I wouldn’t be able to find love, because nobody would ever want to love me only spend “quality” time with me.. It sounds harsh and maybe even a little bit stupid, but that’s how I was thinking back then. Writing “Naked Mystery” for our movie really helped me truly accept myself and all the qualities that make me who I am. Made me realize that I deserve a good, mutual, not toxic relationship, that I need to be loved for all the qualities that I have and what kind of person I am.

So I put into the song all the passion that I had inside me and of course there were a few beautiful, deep memories that helped me out there too. It was easy like a warm, gentle summer sea breeze. I just had this inside me. It was me from the deeply hidden source of my heart, writing the song and healing at the same time.

Although some things changed and we didn’t finish the movie, I decided to release the song, because It meant so much to me. The whole recording process was long and with a lot of ups and downs.. I wanted to learn how to do it on my own, so it was a lot of mistakes and how to fix them, but I think that’s the beauty of all of this. So that’s the process.. Sitting hours and hours fixing and editing everything, learning. I had a lot of help and support from my family and friends like Denny Muller who did mixing, mastering and helped me out so much during the entire process.

And all of this leads us here. After almost three years I couldn’t be more happy and grateful to show “Naked Mystery” to you! It’s so much more then just a song about passionate love.. It’s about me and other women accepting their qualities and getting rid of toxicity in their lives, stepping into their power without a fear of being objectified, judged or treated in a particular way. I feel proud, inspired and empowered by “Naked Mystery”.

I really hope that you, my beautiful music family, gonna feel the same way about this song. Listen to it, sing it, feel it and celebrate it! If you feel like wanting to share your feelings or opinion about it I’m more then open to hear or read them! Thank you for your time! I love and appreciate you all so much!



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