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A Singer, Songwriter

She says music is the key, that opens your soul and leads you the way back from the most darkest places. RitaKAS is a singer and songwriter that gives all of her soul to her songs and through performing her songs, deeply connects with people and their hearts. Allow yourself to be and feel. You can find her songs below.

Photo credit: Alireza Paryas

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All Videos


RitaKAS is a 24 year old singer, songwriter born and raised in Lithuania. Since her very first days she knew, that no matter what, music was always going to be there as a pure medicine for her heart and soul. 


After finishing the Kaunas Juozas Gruodis Conservatory and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre she brought her love to classical and popular music into her songs. 

Her goal: to connect with people through her music with the idea of allowing ourselves to feel whatever we feel and letting ourselves be just the way we are without any pretensions.


“It's something light, but dark, passionately burned, unconditionally loved, deeply felt and heavenly pure."  RitaKAS <3


Photo credit: KG Photography

Photo credit: KG Photography

Photo credit: KG Photography

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